To our clients, we do not offer finished clothing for sale, and therefore we do not offer products for sale. Instead, we offer a comprehensive service that encompasses the supply of a custom-made suit. This service also includes other benefits, for example:

  • There is always only one client in the Suits by ĎURKA® salon, surrounded with a professionally trained staff;
  • Before visiting the salon , it is require to make a reservation, with time in accordance to the client’s need, the minimum time recommended for one fitting is 45 minutes;
  • There is a reserved parking space in front of the salon, which is made available for clients by our staff, prior to arrival;
  • By buying a ĎURKA® brand suit, the client is receiving additional free care of the purchased product – size adjustment and small repairs in case of an accident within the normal use of the product;
  • All measurements are archived in our system, which makes it really easy for the client in case of the next purchase, when the client chooses only the material and style of the suit;
  • We also offer free minor modifications of products which were not purchased in our salon, such as shortening, narrowing or adjustment of the pants, all within 72 hours;

By buying a ĎURKA® brand suit, you are buying a complete service, not only a suit as in the regular shops.