The most modern Gerber Technology® production line on which our suits are tailored, guarantees more than a 90% successful suit purchase, on the first fitting.

It is not possible to purchase a ready-made suit at the Suits by ĎURKA® salon.  At the time when the figure becomes a specific feature of the ready-made suit, we believe that the suit, which is the most representative garment of a man, should fit perfectly.

Ready-made suits in our salon serve only as “molds” for measurements. At the beginning of the measurement, the client tries several ready-made suits to find out which of them feels the best and at the same time looks good. A commonplace routine is a size adjustment altogether, with a modification to the pants if it is different from the jacket’s size. Subsequently, from this initial form we can modify up to 35 parameters so the final product fits the client perfectly.

We apply a method which is probably common to our client in everyday life: “This one is pretty good; I just need to enlarge it or shorten it.” This method allows the client, to a certain extent, to understand how the suit will feel on him, while allowing him to exactly recognize which parts of the suit are necessary to adjust.

Even the clients, whose body proportions appear to fit the size of the suit, can have a slight offset. For example, we can provide solutions for common life situations, such as wearing messenger bag on one shoulder, which can cause a tiny figure deformation. We can smoothly handle even such small variations in our salon, Suits by ĎURKA®. We are able to suit up gentlemen of various heights, from 165cm to 210cm, with waist sizes from 65cm to 130cm. Beyond this range, the preparation of a suit requires a number of fittings before the actual delivery of the suit.