Because of our long-time experiences and quality technology, we are ready to tailor your suit according to your wishes starting from 399 € with tax and also satisfy our most challenging customers with suits made out of the most exclusive materials worth 1099 € with tax.

In our range of products, you can find five price categories that reflect the type of main (so-called upper) suit material. We differentiate especially material composition in our first three categories – 399€, 499€, 599€. In the last two categories, we mostly differentiate material composition and adjustments, but the brand of the material producer is also taken into account. Each price category is equal in terms of tailoring quality, processing, additional adjustments and design.

Gerber Technology that we work with while making our suits, is currently considered one of the best. To measure our clients, we provide a set of 40 pieces of sample suits, on which up to 54 adjustments can be made. Thanks to this technology, the customer gains primary sense of his future suit during the measuring and can easily describe what changes should be made, so he feels perfect in it. Among other things, most customers that have been measured don’t require an additional fitting before getting their finished suit.  Customers can expect their suit within 20 days since measuring.