We value the trust of our clients and partners. That is why we have created a Loyalty Program that you will love. When using the services of ĎURKA® salon in the value of 299 Euros or higher, we will reward you with a loyalty card. Every next visit in our salon, you can use discounts of up to 15%!

Rules of using Loyalty card

  1. The use of Loyalty card is based on „Rules of Loyalty Card Program usage“ from March 1st 2014 and the operator of the program is ANRIJA s.r.o., Okružná 114, 071 01 Michalovce, IČO: 46 938 168 who has the right to make any changes or cancellations to the program. The current version of „Rules of Loyalty Card program“is always available on www.suits.sk website.
  2. Each permanent client gets one Loyalty Card with his own identification number and is non-transferable and can be given to both physical and legal person.
  3. A condition to qualify for the Loyalty Card is a one-time purchase in ĎURKA Salon, Ševčenkova 34, 851 05 Bratislava (from now only Salon) in a minimum value of 299 € with tax.
  4. Another condition to qualify for the Loyalty Card is to fill out a Physical/Legal form, accepting the „Rules of Loyalty card program usage“ by signing the form.
  5. The employer of the salon is responsible for issuing the Loyalty card.
  6. The Loyalty card is issued without an expiration date and is free of charge.
  7. Loyalty Card entitles the holder to use the discount system of the Salon under the below mentioned conditions.
  8. Amount of the discount granted to holders of the Loyalty Card is proportional to the amount of payment for a one-time purchase at the Salon, as follows:
    198 – 598€ with tax = 5%
    599 – 998€ with tax = 10%
    >999€ with tax = 15%
  9. When issuing the Loyalty Card, the holder has the option to obtain individually marked 5% Bonus Cards free of charge, which he can give to other physical individuals.  The 5% Bonus Cards are marked with identification numbers of the Loyalty card holder.
  10. The use of the 5% Bonus Card which serves to obtain a one-time discount is dependent on a minimum purchase of 299 € with tax at the salon. The Loyalty Card holder with the same identification number gets 30 € credit with tax on his card after applying the 5% Bonus Card. This credit can be used at the next purchase at the salon.
  11. If the holder of the Loyalty Card does not apply the credit at the next purchase, it will be transferred onto his bank account at his own request. This request is required to be emailed at shop@suits.sk and after its process, the holder will be asked to sign documents needed for the money transfer.
  12. When using the Loyalty Card at the salon, the customer can be asked to identify themselves, which has to match the cardholder’s identity.
  13. The authorized employer of the Salon is responsible for allocating the wrong amount of a discount.
  14. In case of loss or damage of the Loyalty Card, the holder has the right to have a new card issued. In this situation, the employer of the salon has to be notified.
  15. The Loyalty card is at all times the property of ANRIJA s.r.o., Okružná 114, 071 01 Michalovce, IČO: 46 938 168 who reserves the right to not accept the card and the discounts in case of serious violations of „The Rules of Loyalty Card usage“.